Friday, November 18, 2005

Secret Strength Of Images Of Hindu Gods

Temple is where the source of energy field is concentrated. It
is built according to Vastushastra so energy would be gathered.
Creativity orginate only in peace. By offering naivadya and
pooja ritual through the ingredients available in Nature you
enhance the power and energy of the idol to radiate more peace.
Each and every Gods image is formed by our ancient Reshis
decorated with ornaments like Moon, swans, Lotus etc. so that when
that picture is induced in our mind, in our heart would flow a feeling from peace the right energy which would help to fulfill that wish; Like Vignesh image is to set our mind frame to he task we intend to do , Shiva for purity and detachment , Vishnu to sustain, Adi Shakti power to conquer evil thoughts through bringing the image of origin of cosmos from within the soul since our soul is also part of the divine.